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dCS BARTÓK beyond

This is a four-week visual communication project, which also involves learning to use Illustrator. The project centers around designing an amplifier tailored to the preferences of audiophiles. The amplifier features a CMF design that aligns with the aesthetic sensibilities of the intended user group.

final presentation 拷贝.jpg
Router 2.59.png
Router 1.58.jpg

Hard surface modeling

interior_game area_updated 拷贝.jpg

Work out area

Vision Calibrating

This is a one-week project undertaken by a team of three members. As a team, we were going to calibrate the vision of a brand by giving them a new "north". We selected GAMESTOP as our target brand and redesigened their existing retail spaces as venues where customers can both enjoy games and engage in physical exercise simultaneously.

VR game set 拷贝.jpg

VR game set 

interior_shopping area 拷贝.jpg

Game retail area

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